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Looking Into The Green Future

Green cleaning, in a commercial,industrial or office setting, can mean a holistic way to facility cleaning and maintenance that can support health advantages, enhanced productivity, reduced liability, cost savings and improved community relations. Recent improvements in chemical technology have made it possible to cultivate green cleaning solutions that are as effective as traditional products, but that do not contain the harsh ingredients. Toxic chemicals are commonplace not only in general consumer office cleaning products but also in foods, cosmetics, home construction, clothing and many other industries. Within the typical American home, around 63 synthetic chemical products can be found. This equals to approximately 10 gallons of hazardous chemicals. By using more ecologically-friendly products, including green cleaning formulations and products, consumers may be able to reduce human health risks by reducing exposure to these and other harmful chemicals. This is the green wave of the future and can be our present situation. Putting these commerical cleaning products in place is a must.

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