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How "green" is your office cleaning?

Ordinary commercial cleaning products consist of chemicals such as Alcohol Isopropyl (also known as rubbing alcohol), ammonia, benzene, chlorine, and dioxane. These chemicals are unsafe and can have longstanding effects on the users, their families and their employees. Alcohol Isopropyl has been demonstrated to cause a reduction in memory and concentration, diminished coordination. Ammonia which is commonly used in window cleaners has been shown to irritate the eyes, nose, skin and respiratory passages.

A substitute for using such harsh chemicals in your commercial cleaning is to use natural green cleaning products. Natural green cleaning products are products that are environmentally friendly. Such products include those that are biodegradable and those made from natural ingredients. Such items include biodegradable trash bags and cleaning products made from natural ingredients. An example of a green window cleaner is to combine vinegar and water.

These ingredients usually don’t have any damaging effects on individuals or your office cleaning, except if someone has an allergy to an ingredient in the product. Individuals may use these products knowing they will not experience some side effects of the harsh chemicals in some of the non-green office cleaning products.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established in December 2, 1970 to consolidate into one agency, federal research, monitoring, standard setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection. The EPA’s website has a list of the chemicals and toxins individuals should be aware of and try to avoid. They also guide individuals to a greener environment by listing ways to greener living.

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